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Are you afraid of change?

Are you afraid of change?


You might be familiar with the following questions:


➡️ Why don't I enjoy my work?

➡️ Why am I continuously so anxious?

➡️ Why do I not leave my partner?

➡️ Why do I not go to the gym regularly?

➡️ Why not go to the sea?

➡️ Why not invite the neighbour for dinner?

➡️ Why not quit my job?


The questions 

➡️ Why? 

➡️ Why not? 


…, you know these mostly from children who keep on asking questions. They keep asking until they have a satisfactory answer. Why don't you, as an adult do that anymore? Why do you not ask yourself such simple questions about your life situation and the origin of our worries and problems?


Are you afraid to face the answers? 

Or do you just not know what to do with such simple answers?

You often lack the courage to translate the answers into action, because these actions mean change. And change makes you even more afraid. Or because perceived expectations are linked to it. Expectations from people around you who might be involved, when your life changes. And you do not have the courage to face their questions, their disappointment. 

But whose life is it?

Don't ignore this question, but overcome your fear, be courageous! I am certain that with a few ➡️ Why? ➡️Why-Not? - questions you can trigger the courage for change in your life. 

The exhausting brooding will stop. You will find out why a certain problem is bothering you so much and why it scares you. Through your answers you will learn more about your relationships, events in your life, discover your personal values, and you will look for ways and solutions to make you feel lighter and calmer again. Your everyday life will feel lighter, with a few but concrete answers. You will be able to face the people around you in a calm and self-conscious way.

Reawaken your curiosity to live your precious life with more serenity!

Take your precious time and your questions seriously. Having no immediate tangible answers is normal and human. There is no shame in being stuck and having no answers. But it is courageous to admit this and to face the questions. Finding answers will give you the feeling of security. You will feel that you have your life under control again. Complex connections and emotions can be broken down and translated into simple words and actions.

My goal for my workshops, lectures and coaching is to give you your own orientation in life again by giving impulses and asking questions, because the answers are inside you. Let's go together on the research of these answers. Let's concentrate together on your challenges and on finding the simple, concrete and feasible immediate solutions, which are inside you. 


How about you give it a try?




And you are welcome to book a no-obligation introductory meeting with me, and we will discuss how you can become more self-confident with yourself and others, work through all the expectations, solve your challenges and find the answers to your own questions. I will be happy to support you!




Bianca-Maria Klein

Nach 20 Jahren Berufserfahrung in verantwortungsvollen Positionen mit Personalführung in der Medizin-Technik-Branche hat Bianca-Maria Klein ihren Traum erfüllt. Sie unterstützt heute Unternehmen und Privatpersonen als Rednerin, Coach und Trainerin im Bereich Erwartungs-Management und bei Veränderungsprozessen.

In gemeinsamer Arbeit unterstützt Bianca-Maria mit aktivem Erwartung-und-Change Management Führungskräfte und Mitarbeiter, damit diese wieder mehr Zeit für die wichtigen Aufgaben haben, weniger destruktive Diskussionen im Team führen müssen. Dies führt zu einem besseren gegenseitigen Verständnis in Bezug zu Erwartungen, Vorstellungen und Ansprüchen gegenüber aller verschiedenen Teammitglieder und fördert eine positive, konstruktive Kommunikation.

Bianca-Maria Klein bietet Workshops, 1:1 Coachings und Vorträge an.  

Privat ist Bianca-Maria Klein ist eine lebensfrohe Halbitalienerin aus Norddeutschland, die weit gereist ist, tief nach innen geschaut hat und bei sich angekommen ist. Ihr Beruf hat sie u.a. nach Belgien, Italien und in die Schweiz geführt und wesentlich im Umgang mit Veränderungen geprägt.


Bianca-Maria Klein

Gerne kannst Du Dich hier direkt für ein unverbindliches Kennenlern-Gespräch eintragen und wir besprechen, welche Unterstützung Du Dir wünscht für Deine aktuelle Situation. Ich freue mich auf unser Gespräch!

Bianca-Maria Klein – Coach, Speaker, Trainerin


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