Excerpts of my clients: 

Change begins and ends with your employees

Today more than ever, successful change processes are necessary for companies to adapt to constantly changing developments while maintaining or even increasing productivity and performance!

However, mastering precisely this objective presents most companies with a huge challenge.

In most cases, the necessary restructuring and the associated demands on employees lead to demotivation, frustration and also conflicts. This costs companies energy, time and a lot of money every year.

I am convinced that the most important success factor for a successful change, whether in a company or with individuals, is the active management of expectations with targeted communication of all parties involved.

From my experience working with many medium-sized companies and corporations, I know that the reason for failures in change processes is often the numerous, unspoken expectations and unresolved demands of all parties involved. This leads to a situation where the actual necessity of the change is not understood, and as a result, employees neither want to help shape the company changes, nor are the high productivity goals achieved.

With my approach of active expectation management, time-consuming resistance is avoided and the acceptance of all stakeholders is strengthened right at the beginning and during the change process. Managers are provided with simple tools and methodologies to improve communication and ensure that employees feel psychologically safe. Only then can ALL participants understand and accept the goals, benefits and tasks of the necessary change process - and work together to achieve it.

Successful change based on active



Open, transparent communication is the decisive factor during change processes to promote trust within the company and teams and to ensure psychologically safe cooperation. Together we find answers to the following questions:


  • How can you manage change processes in a way that keeps the team focused on priorities and solutions?

  • How do you regain constructive, appreciative working with precise communication and clear goal setting?

  • How can you prevent rising sick leave and the risk of employee turnover??


I support you in:

Implementing changes faster and more efficiently, i.e. having again more time and focus for the important tasks as a leader, having more constructive, clear discussions in the team and promoting a deeper, mutual understanding of goals, expectations, ideas and demands of all stakeholders involved.

Arrange your convenient personal appointment here.

Keynotes (in presence & virtual)

Inspiring & motivating for your leaders or customers

  • You need a motivating impulse speech for your next team event or customer meeting?

  • You would like to inspire your leaders or customers to reflect or to be more cooperative?

  • You are interested in company-internal management-impulses on topics such as "expectation management", "change processes" or "leadership communication"?

Of course, I tailor my talks and keynotes to your individual needs and current situation.

Please send me an inquiry about your wishes and ideas still today.

All keynotes, workshops & coaching in the following languages:


The success of your company is always defined by the cooperation of your employees.

  • Your team works a lot and independently, but not as a productive, efficient team?

  • Your employees lose time with arguments and emotional fights?

  • Your managers are frustrated because changes are poorly accepted and there is no motivation in the team?

A theme-focused workshop is a good approach to dissolve uncertainties, increase leadership quality and re-strengthen the work atmosphere.

The participants get time to deal with the interpersonal challenges and different expectations in the team and to find actively solutions, which is often not made a priority in everyday life.

All keynotes, workshops & coaching in the following languages:


With my direct, solution-oriented approach of systemic coaching, I accompany your leaders 1:1 or in small groups.

These needs are accommodated in leadership-coaching:

  • Your leading managers have little time and would like to find a solution to their personal challenge as quickly as possible?

  • Your leading managers want an understanding of their concerns, their personal questions, but also realistic solutions?

  • Your leading managers are looking for techniques and tools that they can use successfully in communicating with single employees or their team?

The result is that your responsible leaders take the time, in a confidential setting, to sort out thoughts, to self-reflect or to think about solutions and priorities.


All keynotes, workshops & coaching in the following languages:

Testimonials - what my clients say:


The cooperation started with an impulse lecture - meanwhile we consider ourselves lucky that Bianca-Maria constantly accompanies Danone in so many more areas: from group and team coaching to individual coaching sessions, our Danonians feel very well taken care of thanks to her professional, but always warm and empathetic manner. Bianca-Maria inspires our employees across all functional areas and levels with her authentic, solution-oriented and charming manner. I am looking forward to everything that is yet to come :)


I met Ms. Klein at a distributor conference in the spring of this year.
The superordinate topic was expectations. What expectations does one have of a supplier, and how can the supplier adequately meet the expectations of his customer? After more than 5 months, Ms. Klein's presentation is still very much on my mind. That alone is an award!
The professional and systematic approach, but especially the empathetic manner of Ms. Klein intuitively transports every listener already during the presentation into the stage of reflection, - and that is exactly the approach: not simply consuming things, but receiving guidance that you can then independently implement for yourself. For me, a must for people who want to think outside the box. Thanks again for the inspiration!

Jörn Kramer, Head of Procurement - Coloplast A/S

JENS WIELE - Board of Directors

I recently had the pleasure of welcoming Bianca-Maria to an internal event as a speaker.
The framework revolves around the topic of transformation, in which Bianca-Maria gave many impulses to the auditorium, starting from her personal point of view.
It was not surprising that the atmosphere at the event was open and trusting, because that is exactly how I got to know Bianca during the preparation.
It became very clear over the course how clear one's own part is in the context of change, how important communication is and how each individual has the choice to create or to withdraw.
Thank you very much, Bianca-Maria, it was a lot of fun 😊

ABBOTT Laboratories Corp.


Each organization has transformational - challenging periods when even highest performing members are struggling, even at risk of leaving. In one such period Bianca-Maria coached team members and through individual approach, that was business savvy yet full of empathy, she managed to guide people to navigate this specific period. I am sure will continue working with Bianca-Maria in the future as the business world today needs authentic approach to leadership development.


Bianca-Maria's empathetic, positive nature manages to excite and inspire our Danoners every time in her interactive talks, workshops or coaching sessions! With her special energy, she creates intimacy even in virtual spaces and the audience is always engaged. Every session inspires me, and I have seen many from her - her refreshing, methodical approaches and reflections surprise every time. The highly professional set-up rounds out her performance; I highly recommend Bianca-Maria to anyone and everyone. We are very much looking forward to further collaboration!


Bianca-Maria is absolutely great in always asking the right questions to trigger a thought process. She has fantastic experience which she uses in our business sessions and I explicitly enjoy her trustworthiness. Bianca-Maria's absolute superpower is empathy! She immediately senses my current mood, adapts and focuses the coaching sessions to get me into a positive and forward-looking mode. I can only recommend Bianca-Maria for personal business coaching, she already helped me a lot and is my trusted advisor.



Bianca-Maria brings a very special glow to the room with her warm and energetic personality. She greatly enriched our Hogan Lovells Ladies Lunch with a great impulse on the topic of personal development, expectation management and mentoring. With many helpful tips and her wealth of experience, Bianca-Maria ensured that every single participant took away new ideas from the event. Thank you again for the wonderful experience, it was a lot of fun! Gladly again at any time :)

Family background

I was born into the medical world: my father, a well-known cardiologist, took me on international trips and to congresses as a child. For me, it was obvious that I would shape my career in the medical field. Thanks to my Italian mother, I grew up bilingual, fluent in German, Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Industry expertise:

20 years of management experience as an executive in the management of international companies in the medical technology and pharmaceutical sector: marketing, sales, project management, research and human resources management.

International competence:

Growing up in the German and Italian cultures and my passion for foreign languages, I have always been open to positions abroad (USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy) and the lifestyle there. The experience with other cultures has strongly influenced my ease for communication, respectively the interested interaction with international customers and colleagues.

Experience with transformation processes:

Through my many years of professional experience, I have intensively witnessed changes of position, restructuring, mergers, layoffs, etc. The contact with very different target groups in the transformation processes (hospital staff, administrators, purchasers, patients, research, physicians, colleagues, executives) has significantly shaped my ability to accompany change processes and to be a professional support for employees or those directly affected.

Problem-solving competence:

My many years of professional and life experience coupled with my training as a systemic coach, change manager, facilitator and certified keynote speaker, give me the confidence and competence to communicate clearly and openly and to offer solutions for my clients. Solutions that are based on many examples from theory and practice and that are developed individually and situation-oriented.



(for more information please visit my LinkedIn profile):

20 years of management experience

  • Manager in the field of international medical technology companies (marketing, sales, project management, research and personnel management)
  • International marketing, sales management and project management
  • Human resources management and leadership
  • Teambuidling and team-communication
  • Customer care and new customer acquisition
  • Budget responsibility
  • Professional functions abroad in the USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Spain


  • Systemic Coach (ICF certified as ACC)
  • Speaker training
  • Change Manager
  • Trainer, Business moderator (DVCT)
  • Coach for solution-oriented coaching (ICF) and team coaching (ICF)

Working languages:
German, English, Italian (additionally fluent in French and Spanish)

Frequently asked questions about keynotes:

  • For which occasion is a lecture suitable? For events where employees or employers (or event organizers) want stimulating inspiration and motivation for their teams or customers. Since I love to speak in front of people and also like to provoke laughter or reflection, I am happy - online or in presence - to align my impulse speeches according to individual needs and current situation.
  • I like to arrange my impulse speeches according to the individual needs and current situation of the client. Example topics are: "Expectation management", "Transformation processes" "Executive communication".
  • Gladly a request can be made here via the website or directly by e-mail to me. Accordingly, if desired, my agency will then be added to simplify the processing of the request.
  • The investment in a keynote depends on the individual needs of the customer and also on the desired length of the presentation and possible supporting program e.g. Q & A session, workshop or training parts.
  • The length of a speech depends on the individual needs of the customer and the topic of the speech or whether a supporting program is also desired.
  • I offer lectures in presence or virtually, according to the needs and mutual agreement with the client.

Frequently asked questions about workshops:

  • Would you like to provide your employees with impulses, food for thought or concrete knowledge or methods in a few hours with professional moderation and leadership? 
    Workshops can be useful for larger groups (up to a maximum of 20 employees). Workshops are usually intended for small groups (5-10 employees). Here, employees get to talk to each other and can exchange ideas on a topic and do practical exercises. Workshops have an important function in the context of projects, for example to inform team members or customers or to bring everyone involved in the project to the same level of knowledge. 
    Workshops sessions can also be organized online or in person and closely coordinated with the client according to individual needs and the current situation.
  • I align the planning and organization according to individual needs and current situation of the client. A detailed briefing takes place in advance (possibly 2 briefings) to determine the exact objectives. Example topics are: "expectation management", "change-management" or "executive and team communication".
  • Gladly a request can be made here via the website or directly by e-mail to me. Accordingly, contact will then be made as soon as possible to simplify the processing of the specific request, the objective and the timing.
  • The investment in a workshop depends on the individual needs of the customer and also on the desired length of the workshop. Usually, a daily rate is set per day, plus pre and possible post-processing. Furthermore, it will be discussed whether additional working material and follow-up meetings are desired. Travel costs and possibly overnight expenses will also be calculated. I will be happy to make you a non-binding offer after discussing your requirements. Just fill out our inquiry form and we will get back to you.
  • The length of a workshop depends on your individual needs, the topic to be conveyed and the desired format.
  • I offer workshops in presence or virtually, according to the need and mutual agreement with the customer. However, I recommend - due to the more efficient and open discussion rounds of the employees - to organize the workshops in presence.

Frequently asked questions about coaching :

  • For any person who feels challenges in their life, whether personal or professional. 
    For example, challenges with:
    - Expectations and/or changes
    - Feeling of burnout or exhaustion
    - Goal setting and implementation of plans in work and everyday life
    - Communication with others (colleagues, teams, managers, family or friends)
  • Yes, I always recommend talking to your employer about the need for coaching. Many employers support these requests with partial or full coverage of the costs. We will be happy to discuss details or my experience with this in a get-to-know conversation.
  • No, the best time is always now. It is best to start coaching at the moment when you feel the need for support and do not want to delay finding a solution.
  • The coaching can also have advisory parts, but then I announce them as consulting. Due to my long experience in the working world and career in corporations as an executive, I can answer specific questions with concrete tips and suggestions for taking action.
  • In order to work on personal challenges, there should be a clear desire and willingness to invest in finding solutions. The monetary and time investment is based on the mutually elaborated needs and the scope of the coaching, which is mutually agreed upon in the get-to-know conversation.
  • No, previous experience is not necessary. Only the willingness to work on personal challenges.
  • We arrange an initial 30-minute meeting to get to know each other, in which we agree on the goals of the coaching and the desired solution situation. If there is a mutual interest to do the coaching, at least one first (possibly subsequent) appointment will be made. The length of the sessions is between 60 and 90 minutes. Each session will be pre- and post-processed by me. According to the agreed extent of the coaching, there is the possibility to book additional support between the sessions, by means of voice and/or text messages. There is also the possibility to get access to the client portal with further exercise materials and information.
  • Basically, at least 2 coaching sessions are necessary to get into the change. The maximum number of coaching sessions will be decided together according to the agreement of goals. There is support that goes over several months, or according to the needs of the client, even just a few weeks.
  • Yes, several coaching packages or longer caching support can be arranged - depending on your needs.
  • The coaching sessions are basically online and can, depending on the agreement, also take place in presence. Possible room costs will be charged separately, if necessary.
  • No information about the clients or content of the coaching will be disclosed to third parties. All written or electronic records (which can be made at the request of the customer) are stored reliably so that no outside third party can gain access to them. outside third party can gain access to them.


Bianca-Maria Klein – Coach, Speaker, Trainerin


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