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Systemic coaching is a method of asking questions on a specific topic in a personal conversation (e.g. lifestyle in the private sphere or difficulties in the professional sphere), which "provoke" various resources (thoughts, answers) within the coachee and which are themselves shaped into approaches to solutions in order to work out a practical life aid. The coachee considers all stakeholders and situations in his/her life (system) in order to understand and link the sometimes complex and interrelated relationships.

I offer personal, systemic coaching on the topic of expectations and attitude towards expectations in order to accompany people in different life situations to define and understand their own inner and outer expectations and to deal with them in such a way that a successful, self-confident and peaceful communication with their fellow human beings is possible.

I offer systemic individual coaching or group coaching in the area of change psucce (change management) in the private or business sector, to accompany people to face changes courageously and to understand them as opportunities to lead a fulfilled and successful life without fear and uncertainty paralyzing one's own actions.

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