Why I can do what I do

Let me tell you a short story:

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was given a swimsuit with a Wonder Woman motif as a present for her fourth birthday (in case you don't know who Wonder Woman is: Wonder Woman is a comic super-heroine, armed with a lasso that makes people tell the truth and a bracelet that Wonder Woman can use to repel bullets). From that day on, the little girl herself felt like Wonder Woman. She started to collect all kinds of things from and about Wonder Woman. The girl identified herself more and more with her comic heroine and decided, like Wonder Woman, to always show strength and courage and fight for justice. The little girl matured into a young woman, educated herself and - tough as she was - climbed the career ladder as a manager in large medical technology companies. But she was not really happy. Because her outwardly successful life was marked by stress, pressure and the constant effort to meet all kinds of demands. But several key experiences led the young woman to the realization that weaknesses and fears are also allowed as Wonder Woman. She understood that she did not have to do everything that was supposedly expected of her. And she understood that happiness and content depend on very different things than career, profession and money. So she changed her life, took new paths and managed to get rid of the inner pressure and to finally lead a relaxed and satisfied life.

That little girl in the Wonder Woman swimsuit - that was me.

And today I would like to show and explain to as many people as possible how to master pressure and demands in order to lead a more fulfilling, more loving and more happy life. I want to accompany people as they embrace their inner superhero and master life with strength, patience and courage - change and expectations included!

Most important stages of my life

  • I was born in 1977 in Hanover, Germany, to a German father and an Italian mother and I am grateful for a bilingual education within two cultures.

  • Within 20 years of professional life, I have held various managerial positions in marketing, sales, project management, research and personnel management in international medical technology companies.

  • My profession has taken me to different countries, with moves to Belgium, Italy, Switzerland - and back to Germany which shaped me significantly to deal with changes and new lifestyles.

  • An inner pressure and the demand to persevere have required me to continue working dissatisfied and unbalanced for many years, and to suppress feelings of doubt, fear and boredom.

  • A 6-month sabbatical was my first step in my personal development. During this time I travelled alone through several continents, visited many friends - and made new ones.

  • I was allowed to fulfill my dream of becoming an independent coach, trainer and speaker, and to share my passion for communication and my experiences with other people!