Rather hamster wheel than change?

Daring to try something new is hardly an option. Because taking new paths is exhausting.

You have to break with tried and tested routines, make decisions, and run the risk of the decision being questioned again.

Conclusion: changing things is perceived as burdensome and stressful. The fear of the new is greater than the grief and stress with the current situation. So one prefers to remain in the hamster wheel of the familiar. This applies both professionally and privately. But all too often you do not have the power of decision - you are unintentionally forced into change. A relationship breaks up, a new boss takes over the department, you have to move etc. Here we can only react. But in the worst case, the changed situation is so stressful that you feel "paralyzed". Now not even reacting - let alone acting - is possible.

What then? How do I regain control? How do I free myself from the state of shock? How do I manage to deal with the change appropriately and rationally - and (again) become happy and satisfied?

I would like to raise these questions together with you - and accompany you in overcoming your fears of change. To awaken in you the desire for change. So that your everyday life becomes easier - and you feel better and calmer again.

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