EN: How you can trigger the desire for change

You are certainly familiar with the following examples:

Why don't I enjoy my work?

Why am I so afraid?

Why do I not leave my husband?

Why do I not go to the gym regularly?

Why not go to the sea?

Why not invite the neighbour for dinner?

Why not quit my job?

Why not talk to my father about my childhood?

The questions Why? Why not? We know these mostly from children who keep on asking questions and seemingly to no end. They keep asking until they have a satisfactory answer.

Why don't we adults do that anymore? Why do we not ask ourselves such simple questions about our life situation and the origin of our worries and problems?

Maybe because we are afraid to face the answers? Or because we still don't know what to do with such simple answers?

We often lack the courage to translate the answers into action, because these actions mean change. And change makes us even more afraid. Or because perceived expectations are linked to it.

I would like to face these questions with you and overcome these fears.

I am certain that with a few Why? - and Why-Not? questions we can together trigger the desire for change in your life. My goal is to accompany you in finding the often simple answers. The exhausting brooding will stop. Together we will find out why a certain problem is bothering you so much and why it scares you. Through your answers we will learn more about your relationships, events in your life, discover your personal values, and together we will look for ways and solutions to make you feel lighter and calmer again. Your everyday life will feel lighter - with a few but concrete answers.

I want to reawaken your curiosity and encourage you to ask questions and find answers together. We have to question and challenge our own world ourselves, so that it appears more in order again.

Let's go together on the research of answers - why it is the way it is with you or why it feels so difficult to change something.

Let's concentrate together on asking questions and finding the simple answers - and a simple, concrete and feasible immediate solution.

This is how children discover their world in which they want to find their way - and they are not ashamed to ask for help from adults. They ask and ask and ask - without fear that the answer might be difficult.

Don't just press the "off" button to your question catalogue - but ask yourself the questions!

Let's look together and find a solution together, which is often right "around the corner" and easy to tackle.

My goal is to give you your own orientation in life again.

Get to the bottom of your fears, problems and worries with me.

You don't need countless advisors for this, because the answers are inside you - and these answers just have to be "asked out".

I will give you impulses to think about backgrounds and to feel yourself again and to look closely. Honestly and authentically, without fear of the answers.

Take your time and take your questions seriously.

Having no tangible answers is normal and human. There is no shame in being stuck and having no answers. But it is courageous to admit this and to face the questions. Hiding for a long time can end up in exhaustion and illness. Finding answers will give you the feeling of security. You will feel that you have your life under control again. Complex connections and emotions can be broken down and translated into simple words and actions.

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